There are different kinds of wild animals like leopards, cheetahs, gorillas, tigers, crocodiles, and zebras, to name a few. In this word search puzzle, you’ll be tasked with finding the names of wild animals. Animals are raised and kept for agricultural purposes to produce labor, and other things like meat, egg, leather, wool and fur are called farm animals. This word search puzzle features the list of the farm animals for kids to make them learn the names of different farm animals. Animals also protect crops from being destroyed by keeping pest populations under control by hunting and eating them.

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  • Like I find it weird that in Pocket Camp, the animals can ride magic carpets and chill in hot springs, meanwhile in NH, they can’t even ride on a springy horse.
  • Gripping projections located at the end of the body in caterpillars and male dragonflies.
  • Included in this list are individual species (e.g. raccoon) and well-known groups of species (e.g. rattlesnakes) whose names begin with R.
  • Sylvilagus comprises 13 species of wild rabbits, including seven cottontail kinds.
  • They asked the man who sold the prunes what they could do, but he didn’t know.

A shellfish that has two shell of animal house vet roughly equal size. Action performed by cold-blooded animals to warm up in the sun. Long hanging parts from the inside upper jaw of a whales mouth that are used to filter food items from the water.

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But the fact is, your cat loves quite a lot of things and probably isn’t as grumpy as she seems to be at times. This word search puzzle includes the names of just a few things that your cat probably love even if she may not show it. is popular among all kinds of English language users including College & University students, Teachers, Writers and Word game players. Rattlesnakes are a category of poisonous snakes of the Crotalus genus and of the Crotalinae subfamily Sistrurus. Travel back in time to when you were younger and running around your city’s zoo looking for all the animals and trying to find your favorite. Immerse yourself in the patriotism of the United States as you search for the very famous bald eagle.

Or do you want to learn animal words in other languages? – French, German, Japanese, Malay, Mandarin, and Russian. I hope by now you feel more comfortable with German animals and that you’ve already increased the words in your vocabulary.

Domesticated rock doves were once trained as homing pigeons, able to find their way back home from anywhere. Rock doves are more commonly referred to as pigeons and can be found all over the world. The Rio Grande do Sul blind snake is considered blind due to the appearance of the snake not having any eyes. Instead, they prefer to stay in their burrows and hide beneath rocks. Similar to mallards, male ruddy ducks are vastly more colorful than females. Despite the breed of horse existing since colonial times, they were not recognized as their own breed by the United States Department of Agriculture until 1971.

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It is this that gives the species its name (‘reticulated’ means ‘net-like’). This helps them to find food and detect signs of predators in the snowy Arctic environment. The male reindeer has the second-largest antlers of any deer .

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We have a great time and look forward to it every year. Every year on Groundhog Day, we all meet at Gobbler’s Knob to see Phil predict the weather. The town officials go on the grandstand and have a ceremony where they talk to Phil and see if we will have a long or short winter. We both agree that the fragrance of the fish was strong and was all the grizzly wanted. We are grateful he wasn’t hungry for us and that the fish and our other groceries were enough to gratify his hunger. We are also grateful that we parked our truck close to camp so we could get in it for protection.

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Some animals are domesticated, while others live in the wild. All animals can move around and interact with their environment. Merriam-Webster writes that most terms of venery fell out of use in the 16th century, including a „murder“ for crows. It concludes that for lexicographers, many of these don’t satisfy criteria for entry by being „used consistently in running prose“ without meriting explanation. Some terms that were listed as commonly used were „herd“, „flock“, „school“, and „swarm“.

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As cold-blooded animals, they need the sun to heat up. The robin is a type of bird under the Muscicapidae family. It is an omnivore as it mostly consumes worms, insects, and fruits. The rhinoceros is also a type of herbivorous mammal that feeds mostly on grass, fruits, and leaves.

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